Do Not Waste Another £££ On Marketing Your Salon Until You've Read This eBook 
 Do Not Waste Any More $$$ On Marketing Your Salon Until You've Read This FREE Book 
The 13 Fast Steps To DOUBLING THE PROFITS Of Your Hair Or Beauty Business
This £4 eBook Reveals The Best Secrets & Strategies Of Both A Specialist Salon Marketing Agency AND The Most Successful Entrepreneurs We've Worked With.......
So YOUR SALON Can Become A FULLY BOOKED MACHINE WITH NEW CLIENTS STREAMING IN....For Less Than The Price Of Your Morning Coffee & Croissant!
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This 75 page easy-read training guide is A4 size as we include webpage images with clear instructions so you can create your own profitable, client-winning online ads & videos.
Here's What You'll Learn In
  • Why you are LOSING CLIENTS EVERY WEEK if you're not running specific
    Re-Targeted Ads...with simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations on how to create them
  • ​How to fully harness the power of Social Proof to guarantee potential new customers book with you and not your competition
  • ​A 2-sentence question your team can add to their consultations that gets an immediate spike in Up-Sales!
  • ​A New Client Rewards Card that uses one simple strategy to get 82% more client completion! 
  • ​7 Key Things for highly profitable Google Ads....and why you are throwing money away without using these 
  • ​The best Text Message Add-On Offers and exactly how to word them so your clients can't help but bump up their spend and boost your daily cash-flow!
  • ​​How to properly use Facebook Live & Video Tutorials to become THE LEADING Hair, Beauty or Men's Grooming Authority in your town
  • ​A simple principle that one of our Salon Partners has used to become one of the premier names in London Hairdressing, which you can use as well
  • ​A quick, easy way to get more local professionals working in local businesses booking with you
  • The very best client-winning formula we have used to fill the books of HUNDREDS of salons across several countries. (TIP: It will surprise you)
  • ​Plus "The Power of FREE", competitions to boost retail sales and more....
"It truly is the perfect guide and reference to attracting and keeping new customers. Full of unique ideas that have grown my business. Easy to understand and apply, very highly recommended.”
Dom Panetta, Hair & Beauty Salon Owner, Kirkcaldy
“Extraordinary! Of all the training products we've used this is hands down the best value. I added the training videos which are excellent also. My team have already started using the ultimate up-sales questions! Many thanks!" 
Fern O, Salon Manager, Manchester
Once you've received your eBook, if you feel it's not worth the price you paid: 
email within 90 days from purchase and we'll refund 
you 100%, no questions asked!
A country boy from New Zealand..... who somehow wound up being a Salon Growth Expert 
advising some of the most successful Hair & Beauty Business across Europe......
 Well hey! I'm Scott....

As the head of Elevate UK, a specialist Salon Marketing Agency, over past 13 years I've worked with 400+ Salon Brands in several countries.

From franchises with 100 locations to small single salons just getting started, I've been lucky enough to work with a fabulous variety of businesses, each with unique requirements.

And I've made some wonderful friends along the way.

I'm not a qualified hairdresser. 

And last I checked I'm not trained in beauty therapy either.

I've cut three peoples hair in my life. One was myself, the other two were friends back in high school. And one of them was a TOTAL disaster.

What I have done is advised hundreds of Salon Owners and Managers on the best Growth Strategies and trained their teams on Selling and Customer Care.

I've created Marketing Campaigns that include:

-A campaign that made well over £1 Million new revenue for the UK's fastest growing Hairdressing Business

-$375,000 for an Aveda Lifestyle Brand

-£220K for a Skin Care Business that has since opened 2 more clinics with my guidance

-And countless other six figure and high five figure making campaigns  

I've created to quite simply offer the most kick-ass training products to help more business owners explode their revenues and achieve their goals! 🔥🔥🔥

And it all starts with this £4 eBook that gives you some of our best strategies and teachings. It also includes principles that some of our most successful Salon Partners swear by. 

My goal with The Killer Guide To Salon Success is to get you DOUBLING your profits within the next 6 months..... grab your copy now and and let's get started!
"We can`t speak highly enough of Elevate ( The experienced team work tirelessly 
to ensure that they understand the needs and goals of our 
company; be it in salon training, customer service, regular reporting or recruiting the right kind of clients for our salons – they never fail 
to deliver."    Andy Phouli, Rush Salons Chairman

"The past 4 months have been our most profitable due to our 
Elevate campaign! I was sceptical at first, as have tried various advertising strategies and none have been that successful. But 
Elevate are so professional.......My business has improved and the clients have been lovely."    Lara Wintle, Arena Hair Design

"Brilliant! Out of the 380 clients who have completed the promotion, we’ve currently had 110 clients re-book with us. We make around 
€40 average per client, but some will spend €60+ and some haven’t even completed the promotion yet!" 
Valerie Cahill, Ikon Hair Design

"We have received 300 clients through their targeted campaign. 
We have found Elevate to be highly organized and professional 
supplying us with timely, accurate and relevant clients. I would 
highly recommend their services and their professionalism."
Mark Weston, Muse of London

"I have spent thousands on advertising and by far the best is 
Elevate! They can advertise to local businesses on your behalf so 
your client base is kept professional. We are finding that most 
clients are paying for a extra services and keep coming back!" 
Emma-Jane Linehan, Viva Hair

“We have tried many ways to increase our client numbers over 
the years but Elevate has proved to be, by far, the most effective. 
Unlike most other marketing companies, Elevate specifically 
target the kind of clients we  want to attract...." 
Alastair Taylor, Charlie Taylor Salons

"A highly professional marketing outfit who delivered on their 
promise which was not only to attract new clients through our door (which is the easy part), but to provide a quality of clientele which thoroughly complemented our brand."  
Ben Kennedy, Nicky Clarke Salons

"Working with Elevate was one of the best decisions I ever made relating to marketing of my 5 Star Salon! Elevate have a very professional and dedicated team and in a very short space of time 
I was seeing new clients coming through the door." 
 Sandra Kotecha, Original Hair Studio

"A big success working with SRG. 124 new clients, 372 bookings, 
91 retails units also purchased, around £9870 in spend. So far 
we’ve had 53 (43%) of those clients book appointment no. 4, and 
then 22 of those have already booked no. 5! New revenue is at 
around £12,500 and growing."   Ellie Carter, Carter & Shields 

"We were introduced to approximately 300 new, quality clients. All 
the preparation and advertising was professionally carried out by Scott and his team, giving our Salon great exposure with local companies, leaving us to focus on the client and their service. 
Totally unique and certainty unlike other forms of advertising." 
Vitina Seminara, Soul Hair

Once you've received your eBook, if you feel it's not worth the cost you paid: 
email within 90 days from purchase and we'll refund 
you 100%, no questions asked!

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